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Feb 4, 2013 2:00am PST
to the california department of justice, which is the middle box. the california department of justice requires that we report the races that you see there, and they define hispanic as an ethnicity, not a race. that's why you didn't see it as one of our race codes. you see it in order so the white house of management and budget has made a change to the race codes so they now include what you see there. white, black, american indian, alaskan, and pacific islanders -- i don't know how they occur but that's what they are currently. california department of justice is still the same that you see. the fbi is the same as that. what we agreed in the last meeting is that in san francisco we would continue to report race and we are required to report according to the code but we also talked about beginning to use the 19 ethnicities that we have available to us in the sheriff's system. the sheriff had a system that provided 19 ethnicities. we plan to go to that system eventually. we're currently not on it. we do an arrest card and give it to the sheriff and the sheriff enters it for us so essent
Feb 7, 2013 5:30am PST
, the bcc found our concerns and community concerns in line with the department of justice and you have in the report that we gave to you the 10 points that the department of justice outlined in their july letter to the san francisco unified school district, and they are very much in line with the concerns and the questions that we continue to have. i would like to highlight two of those concerns. one would be number six, improved communication with el families. you will see there are a number of bullet points. this isn't a comprehensive list but it speaks to the biggest concerns that we continue to have and one of the largest concerns that we have speak is in line what we spoke about in our appreciation to finally having soda and lowell's applications translated into spanish and chinese but as we look at this issue more closely we noticed that at least some of the -- soda's website was only in english and aligned with the concerns we are hearing from the families that the websites that are put up by the different sites are not always accessible in different languages to our whole sch
Feb 10, 2013 1:20pm EST
federal government, just before world war ii. one of his creative is part of the department of justice. it's charge to protect individual rights, fundamental individual rights. people aren't sure what that meant. they were trained to collectively bargain and organize into unions. when world war ii started, greece became much but a prominent in the civil rights section and as a result start to think about how to write the workers. it takes a whole bunch of cases in which the rights of black workers are at stake and prosecutes all kinds of employers for violations of civil rights laws. >> host: was defined by executive order? >> guest: is formed by president frank was about and at their request of the attorney general and frank murphy was a big labor guide. he was from michigan. he was a very big supporter of labor union and he goes on to a career as a supreme court justice commences at the product of individual rights as well. >> host: what kind of pricey to get when it was first formed? just go there with him that controversy. a lot of what it does over the course of world war ii i think i
Feb 7, 2013 9:00pm PST
. >> narrator: some former prosecutors believe the problem is a lack of effort. >> the justice department failed. they have not done what needed to be done. they didn't ever try to bring together one coherent narrative, laying out the entirety of the story, against one of the major plays and demand sanctions that are meaningful. that to me is what has been fundamentally lacking. >> narrator: the story of how the big banks amassed enormous fortunes packaging home loans into securities and selling them to investors all over the world began, of course, on the ground with mortgage originators. >> what my econ i prof taught us was business goes in cycles. my name is michael winston. i worked for countrywide financial corporation from 2005 till 2008. they said their goal was world-class. goldman sachs on the pacific. and they wanted me to realize their vision. see now if you can reach up, with both fists... >> narrator: michael winston once lived inside the bubble at mortgage originator countrywide. at first, winston was impressed by ceo angelo mozilo and how he had turned countrywide into america's n
Feb 17, 2013 4:35am EST
of the united states attorney community and the department of justice to address gun-related violence. this is a very personal issue to me. i've prosecuted hundreds of gun cases in my years as a federal prosecutor, including a yearlong trial of a violent drug gang right here in washington, d.c. i currently serve as united states attorney and a district that has felt the pain of a mass shooting on the campus of virginia tech. i spoke to victims of these horrible crimes, and work with men and women to investigate them on the street. attorney general eric holder has stated that combating violent crime is a top priority of the department of justice. to that end, his task 93 state attorneys with the responsibility to localize strategies to apprehend, prosecute individuals, street gangs, and other criminal organizations that engage in gun-related violence. these local strategies require us to work smarter by gathering intelligence and focusing our enforcement efforts on the most dangerous and complicated threats in our communities. we use that intelligence for vigorously prosecuting gun cri
Feb 1, 2013 4:00am PST
. why the justice department is trying to break up a merger between beer companies. and, could google profit from gangnam? our traders search for the answers. first business starts now. you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning. it's friday, february 1st. i'm angela miles. in today's first look: january jobs. traders will key their trading off the latest news on the labor market from the goverment today. it's expected 195,000 jobs were added, and the unemployment rate will tick down to 7.7%. january joy: the first month of the year was a good one for the stock market. the dow's top performers gained nearly 6%, and among the commodities oil had its best start of a new year since 2006, which pumped up prices at the gas station. the average cost of gallon of unleaded jumped 13 cents this month. and in legal action, peregrine ceo russell wasendorf will get 50 years in prison - the max - for cheating investors out of $215 million. todd horwitz of the adam mesh group joins us now. he has a closer look at the jobs trade. what are you
Feb 25, 2013 8:00pm EST
time litigating cases under the voting rights act and presenting comments to the department of justice in section five cases. so many people do not understand section five. it does not apply in every jurisdiction in america but only to selected counties where there was evidence of discriminatory voting practices when the voting rights act was first enacted in 1965. these jurisdictions are required to submit to the department of justice any changes in election law or procedure for derges of whether the change could have a negative impact on the voting strength of minority groups. if the jurisdiction fails in their proof, the change is not allowed. and i will say for the record today that in the early days of section five, many jurisdictions ignored their requirements. it has been proven, mr. speaker, time and time again in courtrooms across america that racially polarized voting has existed at the ballot box since the 15th amendment was ratified and it exists today. my congressional district in north carolina, though it is improving, continues to have voting based on the race of the can
Feb 21, 2013 11:00pm PST
:00, a lawsuit against disgraced cyclist lance armstrong could be growing. how the department of justice could get involved. >>> we're profiling the bay area's most wanted suspects and tonight detectives in the south bay are searching for a bank robber. the same suspect is accused of robbing at least five south bay banks just in the past month or so. the most recent hold up a santa clara wells fargo on homestead road just two days ago. the suspect also robbing banks in san jose, one in saratoga and two banks in cupertino. we got our hands on surveillance video of the suspect. a muscular white man, clean shaven, between 5'6" and 6'tall. he also appears to be wearing a raiders hat in these images. detectives say that he will hand a note over to tellers and demand money. i'm grant lotus, kron4 news. >>> the 49er general manager raves and raves about randy moss. sounds like they're going to get rid of him. also we'll get some golf with tiger. and a special memorial for jerry r on in this newscast. >>> we'll tell you what you can expect in your weather coming up in a few minutes >>> brought to you
FOX News
Feb 7, 2013 3:00pm EST
had a role in setting the parameters of the program, and i quote, "helping to seek justice department approval for the techniques." he went to say that the job would have been part and parcel with that process. how does that purport that you had no role in the programs in the execution or oversight? >> i respectfully disagree with my colleague. and the wall street journal article, he goes onto say that i was not involved in many elements of the program. but i was not involved in the establishment of the program. i had awareness that the agency was going to do this and going forward on it, and i had access into the activities there, but i wasn't involved in any management structure or aware of most of the details. >> that being the case, why would you be the recipient of a minimum of 50 emails, mr. brennan, of the progress of the interrogation including techniques used in that investigation? >> that was standard email distribution. i was on thousands and thousands of emails as deputy executive director. i think of i was ccd on them, and i think of nothing i did at the cia to authorize
Feb 22, 2013 6:30pm EST
on the justice department suing the disgraced cyclist for fraud. a judge decides whether oscar pistorius can go free on bail. emma hurd was in the courtroom with the olympian charged with murder. the washington budget crisis threatens essential government services. >> it would be an economic disaster and there would be no winners. >> pelley: ben tracy in los angeles on whether food safety will be compromised. and steve hartman "on the road" with the incredible act of kindness that brought a mother to tears. >> i think i'll cry about it for the rest of my life. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. many of lance armstrong's victories were painted red, white, and blue. his team sponsor was the u.s. postal service and, in the late 1990s, the agency could hardly believe its luck, that it had put its money on a man who became arguably the greatest endurance athlete of all time. well, today color the pofl service embarrassed. the u.s. justice department announced this afternoon that it will join a civil lawsuit that claims armstrong def
Feb 3, 2013 11:05am EST
does not make sense. the 1994 assault weapon ban did not stop columbine. the justice department found the ban ineffective. scholars have indicated that refining or expanding social legislation will not cut gun violence. i also question the limitation on magazine capacity. those can be circumvented by carrying multiple guns as many killers have done. we hear that no one needs to carry larger magazines and those that hunters used to shoot deer is but an attacking criminal, and like a deer, shoots back. i do not think -- i think we may be able to work together to prevent straw purchasers from trafficking in guns. the oversight work i conducted on illegal operation fast and furious shows there are some gaps in this area of law that should be close. beside legislative proposals, the president recently took 23 executive actions on guns. without knowing exactly how they are worded, we cannot find fault with them. and we probably should not fall -- find fault with a lot of his actions. despite this administration's claim to be the most transparent in history, the text of these actions is stil
Feb 6, 2013 6:00pm PST
] in fairfield where investigators are getting help from the department of justice to follow this case. >> reporter: today please let released limited information but they did read a letter for the 13 -year-old girl whose body was found in this part. >> reporter: police announced 13 -year-old janel, allen's death as a homicide of their working with the fbi and the department of justice. >> we went to catch the people responsible. >> reporter: she was reported missing last thursday less than 24 hours later her naked body was found in the spark in fairfield police will take how she died. today we went to the area where investigators say she was last seen. there are several surveillance cameras in that area that one capture this picture of her reign wearing the speak backpack. >> i saw those pictures and another little girl. >> i am the parent of a daughter and this is the worst nightmare that that family is living through and my condolences go out to them. >> reporter: today fairfield please read a statement from her family that will save it is from her biological her foster family sh
Feb 13, 2013 6:00pm PST
know that the california department of justice has the apps list which tell us what people in san francisco are armed and prohibited from having a weapon. with the staffing issues the department of justice did sweeps to get the guns from other counties, i don't think that they worked with us. >> they did. we did too. >> okay, great. and is there any interest in renewing that effort? >> yeah. i mean, we did, we scooped up quite a few guns. >> okay. >> i know that several of them came out of the bay view at the time when i was at the bay view. >> okay. >> in fact when jerry brown left the attorney general's office, just at the end of his tenure, the list came out and it was so large, that it was desiminated and they would use the officer on patrol to locate the people and the guns. >> it is not an easy thing, these are people that are armed and prohibited from being armed and so there is officer safety issue and you need to have a large term. i know that on an ongoing basis, we are advised for the people in the county. for us to be thinking about in terms of supporting the departmen
Feb 7, 2013 12:00pm PST
and i quote helping to seek justice department approval for the techniques. he went on to say that john would have been part and parcel of that process. how does that comport with your reresponse to the committee you played no role in the program's and i quote again of execution or oversight? >> i respectfully disagree. i was not involved. i think in the same article he goes on to say it was not involved in a lot of elements of that program. but i was not involved in the establishment of the program. again, i had awareness that the agency was going forward on this and some visibility in to the activities there but i was not part of any type of management structure or aware of most of the details. >> that being the case, why would you be the recipient of a minimum of 50 e-mails, mr. brennan, on the progress of the interrogation of zabada and the techniques used in that procedure? >> i was on thousands upon thousands of e-mail distributions as deputy executive director. i think i was cc'den identity. i know of no action to reprioritize funds or anything along those lines. >> croneguard sa
Feb 15, 2013 10:00pm EST
to trial civilly, and they can refer cases criminally to the department of justice, now, that is really where the crux of this lies is the power here and the disappointment is mainly with the department of justice, why they haven't brought more cases against the banks, either civilly or criminally and why they haven't brought the ceos, major bankers to trial for their actions. >> so now, let's go into that why. i know you asked people, why didn't they? why are there no examples as they were after the great depression? why are there so few examples of a serious trial, or anybody going to jail? >> it is an appaling failure, one reason is that the securities and exchange commission is running scared. they don't have much trial experience, they have lost trials. they brought a mid-level citigroup banker to trial in a case and lost. that scares them. the eastern district of the department of justice brought a case against two low level bear stearns to trial. they lost, so losing really scares these guys. but the real question is, they have been afraid to indict companies because they believe
Feb 12, 2013 11:00pm PST
's abolitionist awards. fire commissioner -- is here and emily conroy from the department of justice is here. thank you for joining us. i want to bring up mayor lee so she can bring up the announcements of the honorees for today. apl(applause) >> thank you emily and thank you to the commission on the status of women to our human rights commission thank you for being here and the commissioners and staff as well. thank you police chief for being here and certainly all the other department heads. wendy thank you for being here as well. members of the community. advocacy groups that have been so important to this movement. supervisor carmen chu, i know you and mayor newsom had this initial effort back some years ago to recognize the need to abolish human trafficking. an san francisco being such an international city, many of our roots are from immigrant families. we understand the problem. we did do something about it and continue that effort. i want to thank the us attorney's office for being here. and so many of you who have from the community done and continue to do what you can do to end
Feb 19, 2013 9:00pm PST
very favorite department of justice official. eric holder is my favorite department of justice official. tom perez is my second favorite department of justice official. we are very honored today that tom perez has come from washington, dc, to give welcoming remarks here at this summit. tom perez is the assistant attorney general of the civil rights division in washington, dc, he was nominated for that position by president obama and sworn in in october of 2009 and we are all the lucky -- we are all very lucky that that happened in october of 2009. tom has spent his entire career in public service and on protecting the civil rights of our most vulnerable people. tom actually joined the civil rights division as a young lawyer and while he was there he prosecuted some of the most significant cases in the country. lawyers in the civil rights division get fanned out to places in the country to handle cases in mississippi and alabama and california and all over and tom was one of those people. he was sent to texas to handle a very significant hate crime case when he was a young lawyer t
Feb 6, 2013 6:00pm PST
that are now property for safekeeping with the department of justice until his mental health condition is five years old. and the misdemeanor prohibitions have a 10 year shelf life and they fall off the list. so, currently we have no backlog in san francisco. the only cases for prohibited persons that we have yet to touch, we received six this month. one has been contacted -- one has been closed. one has said that he no longer has the gun. we have to make him sign a penalty of perjury form. stating that fact we have four that are new yet to talk to. so, of the 516 originally they have all been investigated and monthly we close them out before the end of each month. so, san francisco is current as far as prohibited persons on that list. now, i am cautioned by inspector chin who does a terrific job for us coordinating this that the system isn't exactly accurate as there is no state registry for hand guns. and, so, it's only the hard file custodian of records for assault rifles that is really, really rock solid here in california. so, but as best we can, we follow-up on every lead that we get fro
Feb 19, 2013 9:30pm PST
are in this together with you at the department of justice. this is an all hands on deck enterprise. there is so much to do. i hope at the end of this day we will indeed all follow the lead of that student, walk out and say what are one or two things i'm going to do differently and better? how are we going to improve this situation? i hope if you take one and only one thing from melinda and my and ruslyn's remarks today, if you have an idea, please bring them to us. we want to learn from you. we are in this together and i want to say thank you because the most important thing we have is a recognition that you understand that this is indeed a national issue for us to deal with. i'm looking forward to the rest of the day, i appreciate your presence and i appreciate your leadership, melinda, and let's get on with it. (applause). >> i have the honor of sbre duesing our moderator, tom perez has graciously agreed to stay and participate in our first panel, business creating a healthy safe and inclusive environment for all school students, the role of our federal government. tom perez, assistant secre
Feb 4, 2013 12:30pm PST
, department of education and department of justice was right here at the university of california in san diego where you might have heard about the compton cookout and the alleged noose in the library and we have heard similar instances in california and elsewhere, things like (inaudible) the kinds of resolutions and remedies we seek are not just about ensuring that those that were responsible for these activities that caused a hostile environment that adults knew of, should have known of and knew of and done something about it, is about ensuring that the culture that gives rise to that is eradicated. so our resolutions are about mining the data in detail so that you know not just what's happening but who feels comfortable saying it and how they are going about trying to remediate it. it is about doing climate checks because unless adults consistently talk to their student body and understand you don't know whether it's getting better. in lots of instances in our resolutions it's also been about ensuring that there was a community school leader committee on campus to help deal with some of th
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,600 (some duplicates have been removed)